The Top 10 Most Stolen Cars in America
Although the flashy new BMW cruising down the street may look like a more tempting threat for thieves than a standard old Honda, you may be surprised. In fact, most thieves don't steal cars to resell or take for a joyride. Instead, stolen vehicles are usually used to transport other stolen goods or taken apart and sold piece by piece. Every year, the National Insurance Crime Bureau releases a list of the ten most stolen cars in America. Driving a high-risk vehicle can raise your car insurance rates, so it's important to stay familiar with the cars most likely to be stolen in America.

Ford Taurus
The Ford Taurus is an attractive choice for thieves because of its large cargo capacity and discreet appearance. A stolen Ford Taurus is perfect for thieves who need to transport more items on the sly. The most popular year for Taurus thefts is a 1999 model.

Ford Explorer
Similar to the Taurus, the Ford Explorer is easy to find and a good hauler. The 2002 Explorer is the ninth most stolen vehicle in America.

Acura Integra
Sold under the Acura name but manufactured by Honda, the Integra gained immense popularity as a street racer, thanks to its reliability and performance. As such, the 1994 Integra is a popular theft and is usually parted out within a few days. The 1994 model is particularly vulnerable, as it is the earliest version of the Interga's third generation and has a relatively lax security system.

Dodge Caravan
Sometimes it's hard to imagine a hard-boiled thief going after a minivan, but the Dodge Caravan is a popular target. Combining the looks of a soccer-mom with the carrying capacity of a truck, the 2000 Caravan is the seventh most stolen car in the United States.

Dodge Ram
The Dodge Ram is one of the most popular full-sized pickups in the country. Like most of the vehicles on this list, the 2004 Ram boasts the blandness of an extremely common truck with the ability to carry large loads for miles and miles.

Ford F-150
Ford's lineup of pickup trucks are all popular theft targets, but the 1997 Ford F-150 is the most commonly stolen of them all. That's no surprise, as the F-150 has been one of the best-selling vehicles in America since the 1950s, and there's a big demand for cheap, stolen parts to keep all of those trucks running.

Chevrolet Pickup
The Chevy is another ubiquitous truck, especially popular in rural areas and the southern United States. Chevy trucks have been on the market nearly as long as Fords, and they have a devoted following all their own. Thieves commonly take these trucks, use them for their own nefarious purposes and then sell the truck for parts.

Toyota Camry
The Toyota Camry is the best-selling car in America and is famous for its dependability, affordability and easy repairs. These are cars that can drive for hundreds of thousands of miles across decades with nary a hiccup, so they're extremely tempting to thieves. The 1991 Camry in particular is easy to steal and has parts that swap out like Legos, making it all too easy to profit from.

Honda Civic
The top two most-stolen cars in America are Hondas, and for good reason. Honda is famous for producing perfectly-engineered cars and Civics are especially popular to convert into street-racing vehicles. Because everything on a 1995 Honda Civic, from the interior to the body to the belts, is valuable, they are the second-most stolen car in America.

Honda Accord
The 1994 Honda Accord tops the list thanks to its easy theft and widespread consumer appeal. The Accord is sometimes described as the perfect sedan, and that means that parts for it are always going to be in demand. The 1994 model has no anti-theft system, making it easy pickings for thieves.

Of course, these aren't the only cars that could hurt your car insurance rates. Newer vehicles such as the Cadillac Escalade have higher ratios of stolen cars to cars sold, but simply don't have the numbers to make it on this list. To protect yourself from theft, invest in a newer car with a strong anti-theft system in place. That little blinking light is your single greatest protection against would-be thieves!

5 of the best concept cars
#5- Lincoln Concept C

The Lincoln Concept C, introduced in 2009 is undoubtedly an attempt to redesign the American extravagance with this courageous, new auto community. It's a distinctively American attempt at an automobile style the European people and Asians have had during the last 4 decades.

The motor vehicle scenery in this particular nation will almost certainly transform significantly within the upcoming 10 years. Generating that change is going to be challenging, but new fuel-consumption legislations and also the increasing awareness amongst lawmakers might help push this through sooner rather than later.

#4 - Hyundai Nuvic Concept

Hyundai 's Nuvis Concept, making its globe introduction in the 2009 New York City show, is an additional hybrid-crossover fantasy vehicle meant to combine utility with fuel-economy and futuristic style. Composed at Hyundai's style and design centre in Irvine, California, the design shows the passenger and freight space of a big four door, whilst the Nuvis’s broad posture and lower roofline give it a fantastic visual appeal. Powered by a concurrent hybrid process supported by way of a 270-watt lithium-polymer battery pack, the Nuvis produces approximately 34 miles per gallon city and 35 miles per gallon interstate reported by Hyundai.

Hyundai's Hybrid Blue Drive system is run on a basic principle in which the gas powerplant is mated to an electric motor which lightens the work required of the engine, increasing efficiency. Nuvis draws most of its design cues on the movement of flowing water, that makes it seem almost like it's always moving.

#3 - Rolls-Royce 200EX

Rolls-Royce unveiled the 200EX in 2009, saying it's only a concept that displays potential design and style for future cars. The to date un-named motor is more compact and a less costly four door which was created to sell alongside with the stately Phantom. However, the development edition on this vehicle, code-named RR4, will appear essentially indistinguishable.

The RR4's dimensions, cowl height, and door apertures are completely different to those in the new 7-series; should the two vehicles share any material, it's hidden very deeply inside the composition. BMW states that 80 % of RR4's elements are exclusive to Rolls-Royce. Beneath the hood is going to be an all-new primary injection V-12 engine, exclusive to Rolls-Royce produced only for Rolls-Royce by BMW. It's believed to have twin-turbos, empowering it to supply 550hp and reasonably excellent fuel consumption.

#2 - Opel Siderium

The Opel Siderium Concept offers an adaptable multi-functional car centered on contemporary extravagance. The creators are Vinicius Barbosa Crepaldi and Tiago Aiello Tomé De Souza from Brazilian Universidade Estadual Paulista. The Opel Siderium was crowned champion from the prestigious Best Conceptual Interior group within the Interior Motives Design Awards 2008.

Opel Siderium Concept have their eye set on high end interiors that could be obtainable down the road, and it does a respectable job in this unit. The outside is loaded with designs and components and it is epitomised by delicate curves which make it aesthetically pleasing.

#1 - Aston Martin V12 Vantage Carbon Black Edition

The DBS and V12 Vantage sales have exceeded all product sales targets since kick off, which is why there was an element of surprise when the newest special editions were presented to be an ordinarily modest style to those heralded designs. Showcasing custom Carbon Black metal paint particularly developed to produce a profound vibrant patina and a vivid finished grille and front side auto parking detectors (generally an option) finish the outer detail.

On the inside, owners are going to be welcomed to swathes of Obsidian Black natural leather outlined with a contrasting hand stitch silver thread from the craftspeople at Gaydon - Aston Martin’s world-wide home office in England.

Light-weight seating shaped from Graphite and Kevlar helps to reduce around 17 kilograms on normal seats. It also boasts Piano black colour on the fascia, center stack and center console, anodised black colour tread plates and different sill plaques expand on the carbon style.

The Carbon Black Editions are for sale through the official Aston Martin car dealership community with huge estimated prices.  

If you ever manage to get your hands on any of the cars listed here then make sure you compare car insurance to save what little money you have left.

Super cars that money can’t buy

For most car enthusiasts, dreaming about elegant and glamorous vehicles is a great pass time activity. A little time spent staring into space day dreaming about super-cars and extravagant saloons can brighten even the dullest of days. Most people are only a lottery ticket away from buying into their dreams, but there are super cars out there that are simply too exclusive for young people to purchase. Even if you spent all your lottery ticket winnings on the cars we are about to discuss there is no way you would have enough money left to be able to afford the car insurance quotes you so desperately need to go with it.

These unbelievable hyper cars can be terribly rare, invaluable or both. Some do not exist in the stringent sense, particularly military testing vehicles but documents are leaked enough to keep car enthusiasts with fantasy material for ages.

Some of more well-known cars that money can’t buy include:

The Batman Tumbler

The breathtaking Tumbler from "Batman Begins" essentially is one of the Caped Crusader's darlings. With the projected angles of its exterior and those enormous protruding tires; it's not originally attractive but there is not anything better for putting the fear of God through the hearts of the criminally insane.

Transformed from an archetype military vehicle christened the Tumbler, this Bat-mobile is in fact ran by a 5.0-litre Chevy V8. It also separates at the anterior so Batman can escape on the in-built Bat pod motorcycle. Without Batman retiring and putting his fleet on the market, the odds of getting a hold of one are really slim.

Ferrari FXX

Somebody at Ferrari thought that the Enzo hyper car was not reasonably fast or elite enough and begun the project that resulted with the Ferrari FXX. It's essentially an Enzo race car altered to yield mind-blowing speed on the track.

The Enzo’s 6.0-litre V12 is changed to 6.3 liters and muscle raised from 696 horse power to 800horse power. With all that power, in addition to the light carbon-fiber body work, the car has a top speed of 243mph. The Ferrari FXX is priced at around 1.6 million sterling pounds and only thirty were built between the years of 2005 and 2007. It could only be driven at special Ferrari tracks. The car was only available to a select group of Ferrari customers.

Cadillac Sixteen

In these environmentally-friendly times, most concept vehicles are thoughtful with green technology. However, in 2003 Cadillac unveiled the Sixteen, where such trepidations were low on the agenda which resulted with the car ending up with a 13.6-litre V16 engine having 1,000 brake horse power.

The vast bonnet left one doubtless about what was concealed beneath but Cadillac did attempt to retain fuel economy on the table with a system that cuts off 12 of the cylinders when they are dormant. With it, it is said that 20 miles per gallon is a possibility, without which you will require your own oil well. All the same the Cadillac sixteen was never produced.

James Bond Lotus Esprit

The argument will go on endlessly about which is the favourite James Bond vehicle, but the Lotus Esprit that transformed into a submarine in the movie “The Spy Who Loved Me” must be a contender. As fantasy cars go, this one appears to have it all. There were surface to air missiles, rocket launchers and a smoke screen. The submarine scene was the tip of an iceberg.
The Esprit's curves appeared to fit themselves seamlessly to undersea journey and it's hard to consider a better way to come on shore.

Red Bull X1

When the producers of Gran Turismo 5 desired a star vehicle for their PlayStation 3 game, they employed the expertise of the Red Bull Racing F 1 team and the result was Red Bull X1. Although just a virtual design, the car nevertheless has the appearance and the statistics to make car enthusiasts drool.

The car was designed by Red Bull’s Adrian Newey and Gran Turismo developer Kazunori Yamauchi. The car has twin- turbo V6 engine that produces 1,483 break horse power and revolutions to 15,000rpm and has a top speed of 249mph.The X1's imaginary performance is sufficient to humiliate real F1 vehicles and the shaping is enthused by the aerodynamic resolutions originated on the grand prix racetracks.

With a width of 2,180mm and road clearance of only 980mm, it is certainly not going to be a real-world transport, but not one person will ever need worry, as the fantastic X1 only exists in the limits of Gran Turismo 5.

There are quite a number of fantastic super cars etched in the confines of our imaginations and I urge my fellow car enthusiasts to dare to dream.

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